Chris Wiseman welcomes commissions. As a successful architect, he has a unique understanding of the relationship between art, the space in which it will be displayed and the function of that space. Both sympathetic and professional, he makes the process of creating original art as enjoyable as possible--whether you are a fellow architect, interior designer, stylist, experienced or novice private collector. The process begins with a face-to-face meeting with Chris Wiseman to assess your requirements, timetable and budget. A second session would then be scheduled for him to do a photographic exploratory of the subject matter, the basis of the final product. Upon client approval of the selected images, the process of manipulating the images, transferring them onto canvas and mounting would begin. Delivery generally takes 6-8 weeks from the date of the initial consultation. Prices are competitive, $1800-5000. Of course, every effort will be made to give rush projects, budget constraints and other issues special consideration. Dialogue is at the heart of any co-created work. Please feel free to discuss your project at any time.
"PRESSES" An original series commissioned by Prisma Graphic, Phoenix, AZ, for their corporate headquarters.
These powerful images capture the beauty and symmetry of vintage printing presses.